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Learning from the Professional: BRVO

While volunteering at Warden Optometry, I learned a lot about branch retinal vein occulsions (BRVO). In this case, a paient came to Dr. Liang’s clinic after experiencing two months of blurry vision. Dr. Liang professionally preformed a routine eye exam and discovered a blockage in the supertemporal vein of the right eye. The blockage caused […]

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Where does all the magic happen in the eye?

Many people came into the eye exam room thinking that the optometrist only checks for the glasses prescription, “better one or two.” However, ocular disease is always something discussed in the lecture books since the 1990s in University of Waterloo Optometry School, or earlier in some other schools; while ocular anatomy is an essential part of  any […]

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May is Vision Health Month

Dr. Liang is to donate $2 from every eye exam during May to CNIB. Funds will be directed towards vital programs and services for the blind and partially-blind. Please visit    (Every one gets only one sets of eyes, Did you check your eyes yearly?)  Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD Markham Optometrist Contact Warden Optometry to book […]

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Anniversary Draw April 13th! 2-5Pm

Warden Optometry Anniversary Draw on April 13th! 2-5pm! Drop by for the draw for a chance to win!  Prizes include  -Ipad Mini,  -Hugo Boss Cologne 50mL,  -Boss Orange Perfume 50mL,  -Rayban Hoodies and Cap,  -1 pair of Essilor Crizal 1.6 index lenses, and  -3 month supplies of daily contact lenses! You can get your eye […]

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Eye Tumours


Did you know that tumours can occur in or behind the eyes? Retinoblastoma is a rare cancer  that can occur in the retina; whereas Choroidal Melanoma can occur behind the retina. Retinoblastoma can be found in young children, with strong genetic  predisposition; whereas choroidal melanoma can be found in seemingly healthy  adults; with, or without familial […]

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Red eye from Inflammation

Sometimes when a patient comes in for a red eye problem it’s not as easily taken care of as giving them some dry eyes drops. This one female patient that came in with the problem happened to have redness in the left eye for a few days, and only getting worse over time. She also […]

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