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Can you Mix Drugs with Alcohol?

I might have saved someone life once by telling him the right thing to do. Of course, it only works if someone acts on it. Check out what to do if you are taking pain killers or other medications! Should alcohol be taken at a later schedule? Dr. Yan Ling Liang, ODMarkham […]

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How does it feel to get myopic at age 10?

I was curious about how wearing glasses was like at age 10 at grade 5. At that time, in a small town north of guangzhou, I have one female classmate that started wearing glasses already. She started one term before me. She was wearing gold glasses, at age 11! I was jealous. When I found […]

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What to focus on in the new year?

 Happy New Year! What are you investing in this year? Better health or more specifically, better vision protection? As our eyes are two of the organs in your body that you use from the minute you wake up to going to sleep, how much time and resource do you spend on checking it and maintaining […]

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Are your eyes tired easily?

Do you know that eyes are the most sensitive organs in your body? The cornea has many nerve endings, which can lead to irritation, and the pupil can dilate and constrict faster than any other muscles in your eyes. So when you are overworking your eyes with more screen time, there is no doubt that […]

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What is visual training?

Did you think the Blue Jays baseball players have good hand-eye coordination this year?How about the Maple Leaf hockey players and the Raptors? Visual training is a type of physical therapy for the eyes. It can be done for both adults and for children. It is extremely effective in improving eye-hand coordination and balance in […]

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Do you know that contact lenses can cause pollution

Do you know that contacts lenses that you throw into the toilet can cause environmental pollution?Read up on details here. We have a recycling program for contact lenses in our office. Please feel free to bring yours in to recycle! ​Call Warden Optometry for details.  Dr. Yan Ling Liang Markham Optometristwww.wardenoptometry.caContact Warden Optometry to book your appointment today. […]

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Can you fix glaucoma?

I was at Markham senior home Mon Cheong Court sharing about glaucoma with some local residents. What is glaucoma? It’s a damage of nerve tissue that sends signals to the brain, leading to loss of side vision, slowly reducing to tunnel vision and blindness.  Did you know that angle closure glaucoma and primary open angle glaucoma […]

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