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How to Overcome Careless Mistakes in Writing?

I had troubling reading and writing in high school. I had so much typos. It turned out to be a hidden eye turn, causing vision related learning problems […]

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My Final Prescription (III)

When I turned 11 years old, I also entered grade 6. In China, it’s a year when you actually study more than 5.5 days a week. I would go in Saturday afternoon to study as well, to prepare for the final exams for high school. The final exams for all courses, and total mark would […]

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The Shortcut to Learning

I have been been following the Youtuber at Bay area in West coast, #LeKeTaiTai. Upon watching her video on “Is there a shortcuts to learning”, I feel inspired and produced one of my own. See her original video here. ( Thanks for sharing! There actually is a great advantage to be a visual learner. The […]

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A NL Optometrist Got a Second Opinion for her Daughter’s Vision

Cherie Wheeler/CBC Sometimes, even the eye experts can miss subtle eye movement changes on their own kids. This has happened to an Optometrist at Newfoundland earlier in the year.  Dr. MacDonnell’s seven year old daughter, Molly, was reading at her grade level, but with some difficulty. It turned out that she got a second opinion […]

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What kind of crossed eye is that?

all about vision Do you know what kind of crossed eye a child can have? There are a few kinds of crossed eyes: One eye going outwards all the time (constant exotropia) One eye going outwards sometimes (intermittent exotropia) Hidden outwards eye turn at far or near (large exophoria at far or near) One eye […]

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How do we prevent or delay myopia before it occurs?

How do we prevent or delay myopia before it occurs? Do you know what power is considered myopia? -0.50 and higher. Before a child is myopic, there are a few behavior factors to consider for preventing myopia onset: let’s look at these ones: outdoor time, effect of near work, diet and vitamin D level. Here […]

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What are the options of myopia control?

Do you know how myopia occurs? When children are born, they are actually farsighted. The power is around +2.00DS.  The eye is a bit smaller. While the child grows taller, the eyeball grows longer. For most children, farsightedness decreases. (sometimes it stays, rarely leads to lazy eye or crossed eyes.) If the eyeball continues to […]

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Does your child suffer from nearsightedness?

CBC Does your child suffer from myopia or nearsightedness? Watch the Ted video on how it could be delayed in growth or prevented here.  You have my permission to play with your children outdoor, instead of passing them a tablet.  Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD Markham Optometrist Contact Warden Optometry to book your myopia control […]

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